5 Ways to Dress Up Your Apartment Using Cool, Colorful Wallpaper Swatches

While you may not be able to wallpaper your entire wall in a rental apartment, there are still a number of ways to use wallpaper to add some color to your space. Check out these creative tips for using wallpaper swatches all over your home at Enclave at Hometown.

  1. Line your bookshelves. Give your bookshelves a colorful makeover by adding colorful, patterned wallpaper to the backs of the shelves.
  2. Create framed art. Fill some small frames with mix-and-match wallpaper scraps to create an eclectic (and budget-friendly) gallery wall.
  3. Line your drawers. Keep drawers clean while also making them more festive by lining them with wallpaper (just make sure that you can remove it once you move out).
  4. Revamp an old lampshade. Cover an old lampshade with a larger piece of decorative wallpaper. Simply cut it to size and attach it using tape or hot glue.
  5. Top a table. If you find a sturdy but scratched table at your local thrift store, give it an easy makeover by placing a piece of wallpaper on its top. Simply cover it with a piece of cut glass to keep the corners from peeling.

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