Create Asian Dishes at Home With Nguyen Loi Oriental Supermarket

You’ve studied up on how to roll the perfect California roll and scoured the internet for the best curry recipes. Now all you need is the right ingredients. Head over the Nguyen Loi in Haltom City, the Dallas area’s largest Asian market. Stock up on all the essential authentic foods and ingredients you need to create tasty Asian dishes at home: fresh fish for sushi, duck and pork for dumplings, bok choy and cabbage for stir fries, and of course, crates full of Sriracha sauce. Discover new spices and foods as you wander up and down the many aisles full of interesting products. Nguyen Loi also sells a number of ready-to-eat items, like banh mi and bubble tea.

Nguyen Loi Oriental Supermarket
5302 E. Belknap Street
Haltom City, TX 76117
(817) 831-4778

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